Hi, I'm Oksana and I developed OlyvanaPure Hair Oil out of necessity for MY HAIR.

Having been in the beauty/hair industry for over 3 decades, I've been extensively trained on hair chemistry, products, ingredients, etc. For decades I've been using only professional salon products on my hair, but in the past few years they have not been working as well as I had expected them to. The sun, color, hi-lites, blow drying and flat irons, were all wreaking havoc on my once beautiful, silky, shiny, bouncy hair. If that wasn't enough my hair also began to turn gray and come in not only lacking in color and luster , but coarse, wiry and with a mind of it's own. UGH !

I started researching how people throughout the world maintain the health and luster of their hair and skin while living in some of the harshest climates.  The development process began by testing over several dozen natural oils from all over the world, until I found the perfect blend or as I like to call it the perfect "Harmony of Oils".  Three years of extensive research had led me to find the amazing benefits of the restorative properties in the oils that I have put together in my OlyvanaPure Hair Oil.

By using this harmony of oils on my hair I began to see results almost immediately.  What was even better was that everyone around me also noticed that my hair was being restored to it's natural state of healthy, shiny, manageable hair again. That's when I knew I had to see if it worked it's same magic on others.  I am a big believer that we should only use what is natural ON and IN our bodies, so of course there could NOT be any chemicals or artificial ingredients in my product. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Prompted by all who noticed the drastic difference in my hair, I started sending out samples to salon professionals in my area and throughout the country and asked them to journal the results. To my surprise the feedback was almost immediate. People began calling, emailing, texting me and telling me how shiny and healthy their hair felt and looked. All the positive results from users nationwide validated my new discovery. I told everyone to keep using it and keep taking notes. (Daily use will have the best results). After a year of feedback from all ethnic groups nationwide raving about it, I decided I needed to share my precious oil with everyone else. Hence.............OlyvanaPure Hair Oil .

The harmony of the oils are so beneficial to the hair and scalp that I truly believe that there is nothing like OlyvanaPure (You can read some of our Testimonials) on the professional or retail market today.  Every single oil in OlyvanaPure is loaded with nutrients in itself. (Read our Ingredients and Benefits page). Now I can honestly say ....OlyvanaPure......is the NATURAL CURE towards healthy, beautiful hair ! It truly does Nourish - Heal - Shine!

OlyvanaPure.......Food for your Hair.......Pure from the Earth !

Please write to me at Oksana@OlyvanaPure.com and let me know the results you get.

Naturally Yours,