"I started using OlyvanaPure about 8 months ago and the transformation of my hair is just about unbelievable. I have, or should I say HAD, super fine hair that was prone to extreme dryness and breakage. No matter what I tried, my hair would hang lankly, wispy and had no body or shine - that is, until I started using OlyvanaPure. I've been using it daily for 8 months and my hair is now fuller, shiny and even holds curl and body. I recently visited friends I'd not seen in months and the first thing they noticed was my hair! The formula blends beautifully into my fine hair and never feels greasy or weighed down, plus the light fragrance is pleasing, yet never overpowering. I'm still in shock over how well this product works and I LOVE my hair now! "
Erin S.
Scottsdale, AZ

"I recently started using OlyvanaPure on my hair and have had immediate results. A year ago I had a stylist over process my hair to the point that it was burnt off in spots to the scalp. My hair was so brittle that I was told not to even brush it because it would continue to just break off. For a year I went weekly for conditioning treatments and had to have it cut to remove all of the damage. I spent hundreds of dollars on a new stylist to repair the damage and even more on products. I received a sample of OlyvanaPure and started using a couple of drops once a day and after a couple of days, I started to see a difference in the condition of my hair. After only 3 days I had several people tell me how nice my hair looked. On the 4th day I went to the salon to have my hair done and the stylist said “wow your hair is doing so much better” she stated “I can’t believe how healthy it is now”. I told her I had used OlyvanaPure the previous few days and she was amazed, she even asked for the information because she wanted to try it. Nothing I have tried the past year has given me the results OlyvanaPure has and in such a short period of time."
Laurie F. 
Omaha, Nebraska
"I was close to cutting off all my fine, curly, heavily bleached and damaged shoulder length hair before discovering OlyvanaPure. I was skeptical but the excellent results I had using OlyvanaPure over several months allowed me to grow my hair longer and now it’s healthy, strong, and behaves beautifully. My hair and scalp react well to the lightness of the oil and I love the fresh fragrance that doesn't compete with my perfume. I am also very happy not to be growing out a pixy!"
Myra F.
"I absolutely love OlyvanaPure! My hair is very dry and I've tried many conditioners, but nothing has worked for me like OlyvanaPure. I can use it when my hair is wet before styling or just add a drop or two when my hair is dry. I only need 2 drops & the scent is so refreshing. It leaves my hair soft & full of body. I also like the fact that only natural ingredients are in it--no chemicals, and that's important to me! I'm sold on OlyvanaPure!"
Jan T
Eagle River, WI

"A few months ago I had my hair lightened, and after a couple of weeks of blow drying and using a flat iron, my hair became extremely damaged. I tried many products, but my hair just kept breaking off. I finally tried OlyvanaPure. After just a couple of treatments, the frizz on the ends of my bangs started to disappear. This was the most damaged part of my hair. Not only is my hair healthier, it also much thicker. 
You can use this product very lightly every day after styling and before you go out, or apply it heavily for an overnight treatment. It also has a pleasant smell. 
I will continue to use this product to keep my hair healthy!"
Robin G.
Marlton, New Jersey

"I’m a guy who generally does not put product in my hair, but I knew I wanted to do something, because my hair has been thinning over the last few years. I heard about OlyvanaPure and decided to try it. Just by using two drops and working it into my hair, I was blown away by how good my hair looked. It looked thicker and had more body, and it felt really good. And the fragrance was really nice. Sometimes things like this can smell overpowering. The scent of OlyvanaPure was fresh, simple and understated. As a man I had no problem with the scent. In fact, I really liked it! And I was suddenly getting unsolicited compliments on my hair. Then I decided to try an experiment - I used it a couple of days in a row without shampooing my hair. I expected my hair to be “oily,” because the product is an oil. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing......... my hair just kept looking better and better! This is truly a great product. It lives up to the claims of better, healthier looking, stronger hair!"
Richard R. 
Los Angeles, CA.

"I have recently used the OlyvanaPure hair oil. I have strong, but somewhat un-manageable thick hair! After using this product my hair has a beautiful shine, manageability and movement!  It smells fresh and luxurious. The healthiest my hair has ever looked. This is a winner!"
Kay P.
Scottsdale, AZ 
"The OlyvanaPure hair oil is fantastic! I have very thin, fragile hair and was a bit skeptical about using an "oil" at first. I tried OlyvanaPure the first time and I couldn't believe how much shine it gave my hair and it did not feel greasy or weighed down.  I only need a couple drops daily for fuller, healthier shiny hair. And I do love the scent. I am very happy that I discovered this great product!!"
Norma C
Orlando Florida

"OlyvanaPure is unique and effective in a number of ways. 
 My hair is naturally curly, and because it's baby fine, my curls get frizzy. I hate that! The surprise OlyvanaPure delivered inspired me to write this testimonial. 
I love the texture and consistency of the OlyvanaPure. How can an oil not feel oily?! As I was rubbing it into my palms, the scent captured my imagination. Clean, light, fresh, lovely!  The consistency of OlyvanaPure is so light, I wasn’t sure what to expect, if anything at all. 
The minute I rubbed my hands through my hair, my hair responded. I’m wearing it curly today - the frizz calmed down, and the curls seemed more defined. When I have my hair blown out straight and its mid-week, a simple couple of drops through my hair gives it lift, bounce and shine -- another nice surprise!
As far as I’m concerned, this product is the only product I’ll need, whether wearing my hair curly or straight. I’ve got it handled in one pleasingly potent product. 
OlyvanaPure rocks!"
Rahla K.
Los Angeles, CA. 

"My wife made me try OlyvanaPure since I have some dry spots of psoriasis on my scalp. Nothing I used before helped eliminate the problem.  My wife put some OlyvanaPure on my scalp for a couple of days in a row and we were both surprised that the dry spots were.......disappearing. 
Being a "natural, pure" product, she was sure it would help. After using it for 1 week my psoriasis dry spots were GONE! It also gave the rest of my hair a really nice shine and the fragrance was pleasant and dissipated quickly. 
I am now a believer in this fabulous product and thank you to the inventor of OlyvanaPure...........it "healed" my scalp!"
David M.
New Haven, Ct.

"I've tried everything on my hair and still it was dry, brittle, lack luster and falling out.....strand by strand. A friend told me about OlyvanaPure and gave me a sample. Well, I've tried everything else, why not try this? I wasn't expecting much at all to be perfectly honest, UNTIL.......the 3rd day I used it. I couldn't believe that my dry, lack luster, brittle hair was actually regaining its satiny shine and flexible body!  WOW....are you kidding me? It's only been THREE DAYS!  Well needless to say I wanted more than just a sample.
I've been using OlyvanaPure for several months now and I can't believe how beautiful, satiny shiny, full of body and strong my hair is AGAIN! OlyvanaPure........you restored my hair back to its original beauty.
A day doesn't go by that I don't use it.....I'm hooked on OlyvanaPure!
I also really love the fragrance. It dissipates quickly and does not compete with my perfume. I'm amazed!
Thank you so much for creating this FABULOUS, NOURISHING,
HEALING OIL! It certainly does exactly what it says it does!"
Sandy H.
Clifton, N.J